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The LightCatcher is my first outdoor installation, created in August 2017 and left at the Arteles Creative Center in Finland.

The work consists of 13 triangles which are knitted in various shades of golden and copper metallic threads and are set on a tree near the main building of the Center.

The inspiration for this work came from everyday observation of how the sun lights the tree in its daily journey.

The LightCatcher changes constantly with light changing, with wind moving the tree, with rain falling; the lace of metallic thread catches not only the reflections, but also drops of water and frost. Other factors of slower transformations are the surrounding woods, colour of the ground and density of foliage changing with seasons.

Materials: various metallic threads.
Techniques: knitting and artist’s own techniques of installation.
Dimensions: it occupies a volume of approx. 1.5 cubic meters.